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    How to Care for your Angelo di Spirito Rosa Jewelry...

    Like all beautiful things in life, jewelry is delicate and as such should be treated with special care.

    Here you’ll find tips on how to care for your jewelry.


    Avoid wearing:

    1. When doing any rough work, such as sports and gardening
    2. When sleeping because your necklace or bracelet, might tangle or get caught
    3. When showering, having a bath or swimming, soaps, chlorine and salt can all damage some metals and gemstones
    4. When cleaning, modern day house detergents contain chemicals that damage your jewelry


    Avoid contact with:

    1. Detergents
    2. Bleach
    3. Nail Polish Remover
    4. Hairspray
    5. Perfume
    6. Any product that might contain alcohol, bleach or any corrosive acids


    When Storing Jewelry:

    1. The best storage for your Angelo di Spirito Rosa jewelry is the actual bottle, test-tube or clutch they come in. It keeps them protected and untangled.
    2. Avoid storing silver jewelry in wood containers, since it contains acids that can erode the metal. Same goes for cardboard and paper, since they are both derived from wood.
    3. Store jewelry separately and untangled (necklace, bracelets). Since gemstones and metals can scratch each other.


    How to clean Jewelry:

    1. Use a small flannel cloth or soft cotton to lightly clean your jewelry
    2. The silver-plated tag necklaces that come with some of our gold and diamond jewelry can be cleaned with the included alcantara tag pouches
    3. If you have to use water, which we recommend you avoid, only use distilled water and then dry your jewelry with a hairdryer, on the low heat setting
    4. For cleaning in nooks and crannies (patterns) use a very soft toothbrush, but very lightly
    5. Do not use toothpaste, more on that below
    6. Do not use sonic cleaners, unless you are sure that it wont harm the particular gemstone of your jewelry


    Gemstones, Sun, Water and Softness:

    Some gemstones are sensitive to sun, here is a list of them:


    Amethyst: becomes paler

    Ametrine: may change colour

    Aquamarine: becomes paler

    Aventurine: translucent types often lose colour

    Beryl: brown or orange types may change to pale pink

    Citrine: may change colour

    Kunzite: becomes pale or loses colour

    Rose Quartz: becomes paler

    Smoky Quartz: becomes paler

    Some other stones can be quite porous and as such shouldn't be left immersed in water for too long: