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Heroes 1821

Throughout her history, Greece has been the birthplace of historical figures that are beyond heroes, they are symbols.

The heroes of the 1821 Revolution should not only be honoured for their historical significance and decisive actions which have shaped the liberties we Greeks enjoy today, but they should also be revered for the qualities they relate to.

When wearing one of those heroes, one is celebrating the freedom they enjoy, they are honouring those who have sacrificed their lives for this freedom and they champion the characteristics those heroes had and stood for.

What is the Signature Collection?

The original Spirito Rosa designs which, since 2011, are loved by tens of thousands of fans. Whether you start your journey into the world of Spirito Rosa jewellery here or elsewhere, chances are that one day you'll want to graduate to the Signature Collection.

What is different from other Spirito Rosa Collections?

Here you'll find the designs that earned us the tag line "Unconventional Jewellery". Here you'll find our jewellery that is bottled (check in the product page to make sure.)

Bottled Jewellery?

Yes! You might already know that we have the CLIO Award for Jewellery Packaging Design. Well this is where it all started. Some of the designs in the Signature Collection come bottled. Those designs have a photo with their packaging in the product page, so you know which ones they are.

Anything else I should know about this Collection?

Yes! Items in this Collection have extremelly small chances to go for Clearance.

Heroes 1821