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Σχετικά με εμάς

The Original Jewellery Bottling Company

Angelo di Spirito Rosa jewelry, founded in 2011, has seen a meteoric rise by being selected by leading fashion boutiques in Milano (Biffi Boutiques & Banner) and Florence (Luisa Via Roma).

Offering jewelry only with real gemstones, packaged in their unique trademark bottles and keeping prices at high accessory levels, Angelo di Spirito Rosa has managed to perfectly blend into fashion boutiques and become the up-sale preference of many customers.

From its incubation the company has placed great importance into branding through creating a unique and distinguishable story and cooperating with high end boutiques.

Angelo di Spirito Rosa designs are simple, elegant and befitting all occasions. Their unique play between dazzling gemstones and materials such as gold, silver but also thread, can be spotted on a beach in Mykonos just as well as in a trendy restaurant in the Centro Storico of Milano.